Malay Flavours

Malaysia is a wonderfully diverse country where many cultures and ethnicities have come
together and settled side by side. With a population comprised of Malay, Indian, Chinese,
Nyonya, Eurasian, the indigenous people of Borneo and no doubt many more, it will come as
no surprise that Malaysian food is deliciously different. Herbs, spices and local ingredients
found throughout Southeast Asia are used abundantly to create rich, spicy and aromatic tastes.
A true fusion of flavours and influences, this cuisine combines the best elements of Malay, Thai,
Chinese and Indian cooking to create a vast and varied repertoire of dishes.

In Malaysia, as in many Southeast Asian countries, rather than having separate starters and
main courses, all of the dishes are served at once and shared by all. Since it is customary to
serve more dishes than there are guests, this means that a whole host of tastes and flavours
can be enjoyed by everyone - perfect for those new to Malaysian food! A typical Malay meal
will have a mix of spicy and milder dishes and would generally consist of a curry, meat or
seafood dish, vegetable dish, salad and soup, all accompanied with plenty of rice and a
selection of hot sambals and pickles. Try any of our recipes today to experience flavourful
Malaysian meals in minutes.