New Products from Malay Taste!

 We have added some great new products to our Malay Taste range:

The first is a Nasi Goreng Paste, made from a blend of tomatoes, chilli and garlic and used to create the popular Malaysian breakfast dish, Nasi Goreng.

Next is a Sambal Tumis, a typical Malaysian condiment made by slowly sauting chillies, onions and shrimp paste. It adds a delicious smoky and tangy flavour to any dish.

And last but not least is our Kicap Manis, this is essential in Malaysian cuisine and can be used as a condiment, seasoning or marinade. This thick syrupy soy sauce brings a sweet and savoury flavour to any meal.

All products mentioned are available now in independent retailers nationwide. For more information or to find a stockist near you, please get in touch. Contact Us

Published: 2nd June 2012

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