About Us

Malay Taste is a range of Malaysian products created and launched in 2010. At this time, Malaysian food was becoming increasingly popular. New restaurants were popping up all over, while celebrity chefs were tempting us with their culinary trips to this beautiful Southeast Asian country. The appetites of the British public were well and truly whetted and their taste buds intrigued. There was, however, a lack of products in the UK market to enable Malaysian food lovers to recreate these delicious, yet quite simple, dishes at home. A group of individuals passionate about Malaysia, its food, its people and its culture noticed this gap and came together to fill it. The aim was to simplify this cuisine so that more and more people could enjoy the fiery, fusion flavours of Malaysian cooking. Using only fresh, local ingredients and traditional family recipes, a range of easy to use Malaysian pastes and kits was developed. With a recipe, product history and helpful tips on how to experience authentic Malay flavours on each pack, the Malay Taste range is ideal for both novices and more experienced cooks.   

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Our Values

Authenticity  Creating products true to authentic Malaysian flavours is really important for us. That's why our entire Malay Taste range is and always will be made to traditional Malaysian family recipes, from local Southeast Asian ingredients.

Quality The quality of our Malay Taste products is a huge priority for us. That's why the entire range is made from fresh, premium ingredients using only the latest equipment and technology in our BRC accredited factories in Southeast Asia.

Health Healthy eating is a major concern for us. That's why we are delighted that our all natural Malay Taste products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, making them perfect for cooking up a variety of tasty meals.

Simplicity  Removing the mystery and apprehension associated with cooking ethnic cuisines is one of our many goals. That's why we've put easy to follow recipes, helpful tips and clear product information on all of our Malay Taste packaging.

Innovation We want to continuously improve and expand our product range to make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone to enjoy cooking and eating Malaysian cuisine. That's why we continuously strive to come up with new ideas, flavours and innovative products, just like our recently launched Laksa and Nasi Goreng Kits.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Malay Taste products? Malay Taste is available in  Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Sainsbury's and selected independent retailers nationwide. Check out our Where to Buy section for more information.
  • Can I buy Malay Taste online? Yes, Malay Taste is available online from Amazon.co.uk and Ocado
  • Can I buy Malay Taste from you direct? Afraid not, we are not set up to sell to private individuals. However, you can buy Malay Taste online from Amazon.co.uk and Ocado
  • How can I sell Malay Taste products in my store? Our UK distributor is Empire Bespoke Foods,  If you would like to stock Malay Taste products visit our website www.empirebespokefoods.com and complete a new customer form.
  • Why should I buy Malay Taste? Malay Taste is an authentic Southeast Asian range. Each and every product is made to traditional Malaysian recipes using only the best locally sourced, all natural ingredients and is entirely sourced, produced and packed in Southeast Asia.  
  • What makes Malaysian cuisine special? Malaysian food is deliciously different. Herbs, spices and local ingredients found throughout Southeast Asia are used abundantly to create rich, spicy and aromatic tastes. A true fusion of flavours and influences, this cuisine combines the best elements of Malay, Thai, Chinese and Indian cooking to create a vast and varied repertoire of dishes.
  • How should I serve a typical Malaysian meal? In Malaysia, rather than having separate starters and main courses, all of the dishes are served at once and shared by all. A typical Malay meal will have a mix of spicy and milder dishes and would generally consist of a curry, meat or seafood dish, vegetable dish, salad and soup, all accompanied with plenty of rice and a selection of hot sambals and pickles. Exotic fresh fruits perfectly complete any meal.
  • Can I recycle Malay Taste packaging? Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable so please do pop your empties into your wheelie bin or bring to your local recycling centre.